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Vaigási Visákam (Vishakha), the birth of Lord Kartikeya

It is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Kartikeyan/Murugan. It represents the story of the birth of Lord Kartikeya. It falls on full moon (vishakha nakshatra) in the month of Vaikási (aka Vaisakha). Vaikási month is from mid of May to mid of June (read more). The month Vaikási represents the nakshatra of Vishakha (விசாகம்). Vishakha is ruled by Jupiter (Guru), the war strategist of Kartikeya.

It’s the birth nakshatra of Lord Buddha of Buddhism. Buddha is known for wisdom like Guru and Kartikeya.

Story of Kartikeya

Lord Kartikeya, the commander of Godly forces (Senapati) is the Son of God Shiva and Goddess Parvati. His birth had undergone many dramas and mysteries:

Shiva's wife Sati (Avatar of Adi Shakti) immolates herself at her father Prajapati Daksha's yagna. This leads Shiva to decapitate Daksha by taking a Rudra form and then goes into deep penance for ages. Knowing this, Surapadma (King of Asuras) prays to Shiva and gets a boon from Shiva that he'll be killed only by the Son of Shiva. Surapadma and his brother Tarakasura then starts attacking the devas. So the devas approach God Vishnu, who says it was their fault that they attended Prajapati Daksha's yagna without Shiva that led to Sati's immolation. He then mentions about Parvati, the reincarnation of AdiShakti who is destined to marry God Shiva.

Goddess Parvati, after many millennia of austere penance gets the acceptance of Shiva to get married. Their combined energy produces a fiery seed. Lord Agni gets entrusted to carry the seed safely to Saravana Poigai (Shravana lake) but the heat from the seed is too much that even Agni couldn't bear it. Maa Parvati then takes the form of water and carries it to the lake where six different children are born from the seed. They had to be out of the eyes of asuras so they are given to six Krittika women (Deities of Krittika nakshatra, Pleiades star cluster), the foster mothers who raises all the kids and teaches them everything as their purpose of birth is to destroy the demon (asura) kings said above. Many years later, Goddess Parvati goes to krittika to meet her children. She then unites all their six bodies with six heads into one and names him Murugan aka Kartikeyan. Thus he’s also called “Six Faced (Arumugan)”. He grows up to be a handsome, intelligent, powerful youth and thus gets the name Kumara (youth in Sanskrit).

Krittika is directly opposite to Vishakha in the zodiac belt. Vishakha represents the creatioin of the seed and Krittika is where he was raised. He’s described as young warrior carries a spear (arrow shaped) gifted by His mother Parvati.

The Puranas say that whoever stands in front of Him will become purified with sattvic energy. The demon kings had done many good deeds but they were consumed with the demonic thought of controlling all the three worlds so much that their actions became destructive. Finally at the end of great war they came in front of Kartikeya for a fight. Kartikeya won over them but they requested Him to keep them at His feet. So He changed them into “Peacock” and “Cock” as a symbol of liberation. Kartikeya gave them what they wanted after destroying their ego. Even now, people who pray to Kartikeya also pray to peacock and cock.

Lord Kartikeya is mainly seen as “Tamil God” meaning the deity of Tamil language, culture and tradition. Ancient texts say that Sage Agastya created the language Tamil at the order of Kartikeya. That’s why Agastya is seen as the Guru and Kartikeya is seen as the presiding deity of Tamil. He’s predominantly worshipped by the people of South India and Yezidis of Iraq. Yes, he’s the main deity of the Yezidis (ethnic group of people native to Iraqi region and rest of the surrounding regions, they’re part of Iraqi Peshmerga forces these days). If you look carefully, they still carry the early ancestral DNAs. Pleiades constellation is also mentioned in many books including the most famous book "Bringers of the Dawn".

More research to be done to uncover the secrets of Lord Kartikeya and Pleiades constellation.

Importance of Lord Kartikeya

He’s the one who explained the meaning of “Aum”, the Pranav Mantra to God Shiva. That’s why Shiva and Kartikeya are connected in a lot of ways. He’s also called as Shravana, Saravanan, Skanda, Subramanya etc. Shravan aka Saavan is the most auspicious month to worship God Shiva. Shravana nakshatra is connected to Shiva, Vishnu and Kartikeya. Skanda Purana is the longest among the 18 puranas with more than 80 thousand verses. He’s also the presiding deity of Mars in Astrology.

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