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Rahu and Ketu transit 2020, the mysterious duo (time of magic)

Ketu, the oldest graha among all followed by Rahu.

They both represent mysteries, rahu is the mystery you are yet to discover and ketu, you discovered already but failed to understand. They both represent infinity (positive and negative). Rahu is the macrocosm and ketu is microcosm. The puranic Sanskrit shloka “Yat Pinde Tat Brahmande” says that everything outside you is within you. You’re a miniature universe. Pinda means body and Brahmanda means universe. Rahu is what you seek outside and ketu is what you seek inside. Imagine if you want to understand the oceanic water you’ll just need a drop of it. You’re that drop and the ocean is the universe. Rahu's realm is the deep space and Ketu’s realm is the deep ocean. No matter how far modern science goes we cannot understand the universe till we understand our oceans. We can't deny that mankind has ventured more deep space programs than deep ocean. Of course we came out of the ocean and evolved into human beings but we still need the ocean to survive. Its human tendency to always look for what's next but in order to get a better future you need to have a better understanding of the past. Oceans are our past but scientists agree that there are still a lot of mysteries and new species yet to discover in deep oceans. This is the basic philosophy of the nodes. That's why ketu comes before rahu. Ketu rules the first nakshatra of Ashwini and the presiding deity Lord Ganesha is the God of all beginnings.

Their retrograde motion denotes the same that it's always important to go back to the basics because it is the key to make the magic come true. In Gemini and Sagittarius axis (since March 2019) they were doing what they were good at, bringing chaos and turmoil to the minds and hearts of the society to find meaning so this time you’ll see that meaning takes place.

  • Starting from their entry into Taurus and Scorpio (September 20, 2020) you might notice that your life will be going back to the basics. As in your focus will be shifting towards things you thought you are not good at or things you failed at.

  • Time for major changes in life. Major change in material, physical or mental. For ex., if you were lazy before this will make you active, if you said no to something you’ll say yes, if you were sick you will heal better.

  • You will start doing things upside down, your routines may change. For ex., if you are eating after shower regularly, you’ll eat before shower this time.

  • Water level may rise in your mind and body. This means you’ll gain more weight and be more emotional etc.

  • You’ll be more philosophical. This doesn't mean illogical. Because people often think philosophy is opposite to logic. Philosophy is the higher/better version of logic. Logic is when you pay for your child’s education and philosophy is when you donate money to a poor kid’s education.

  • Seeking comfort in something or someone will become important to you. Especially in having a family, having more expectations, giving and getting more love and comfort.

  • Your sense of security will increase. You will try to find security through family, relationships, possessions etc.

  • Whatever you thought right before may seem wrong this time or vice versa.

  • You’ll be pushed towards making needed decisions. You’ll have to decide between what to hold on to and what to let go of.

  • You’ll be directed towards cutting things out if it doesn't serve the purpose. Moreover this is the time for action because you've done enough thinking already.

  • Even if you were spiritual before this time it’ll evolve into yogas and sadhanas.

  • Since your philosophy and emotion are changing you’ll take action in those areas where you felt you’re all done before.

  • Your friends and network circle will change. You may bring in more people into your circle or vice versa.

  • In fact this is the time you’ll think about the present more than past and future.

  • You’ll be taken out of somewhere and put somewhere else (uprooting and re-rooting). It means you’ll be aligned with your destiny regardless of what you or others want.

  • Major time for career change or things related to the same career may change. For ex. the way you handle your work, getting comfort or looking for more comfort through professional life, study more to climb the professional ladder etc.

  • Your interpretation of masculinity will change regardless of whether you're a man or woman (Read Mars retrograde).

  • You may find a cure for your chronic issues. It may even come through ways you can never imagine.

  • More foreign travels and migrations may occur.

  • Even countries and corporations may bring back some old policies or actions (with a new name perhaps).

  • Global water levels may change more. Can expect more rain, floods, winter etc. but ketu will protect us this time with an umbrella. Even though it may cause material loss/damages its necessary for a long term betterment.

  • The long pending issues between countries and corporations may become do or die. As in they may either agree or disagree there is no middle ground. They may either merge or split.

  • Come what may, this is the time you’ll tell yourself “i’ve seen this before or heard this before” and “i’ll not back off rather will do it better this time”.

The intensity of the above said things may differ based on individuals and in general you tend to overdo things if you have strong rahu or ketu. In that case you need balance so follow remedies such as chanting “Om Shri Durgayai Namah” for rahu and “Om Gan Ganapataye Namaha” for ketu are beneficial. You can also chant “Om Rahave Ketave Namah” for both grahas.

All these will take place gradually. It needs to set a stage and time for performance. September to December 2020 is the stage, from January 2021 onwards performance.

The transits that occur right now like Jupiter and Saturn transit, Mars retrograde are in fact working together for the same cause. Rahu, ketu won't bring everything on their own.

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