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Find Your Marriage Timing

Finding the time of marriage is one of the most fascinating and straightforward techniques that I have learned. It entails the merging of two individuals in a lifelong bond, making it an intriguing subject to delve into. However, I have observed that many people receive inaccurate information from astrologers regarding their marriage timing. Hence, I am here to share this technique with you, so you no longer have to rely on anyone else.

To determine the timing of marriage in a birth chart, you should examine the positions of Venus, the 7th house, and its lord, as they represent marriage and relationships. For a woman's chart, Jupiter, the significator of the husband, should also be considered. Additionally, supporting factors in the chart such as the 2nd, 4th, and 11th houses and their lords should be analyzed. The 2nd house represents family, 4th house represents the home after marriage, and 11th house represents gains. For ease of understanding, I am using charts of my clients as examples.

1. Person A (Male)

Birth Chart

Its a chart of a lawyer, who got married on 30th January, 2023. His Venus is positioned strongly in the 1st house. However, Rahu is placed in the 7th house of marriage, and its lord Saturn is in the 6th house, indicating a delay in marriage. Sixth house Saturn delays and not denies. He got married at the age of 32. His 1st and 7th houses have above average strength (Bhava bala) and are influenced by the benefic Jupiter indicating the ability to maintain a stable marriage. His 2nd, 4th and 11th lords are in the 1st house in strong positions.

Navamsha Chart

During the marriage, he was running the Moon-Mars Mahadasha and Antradasha. Moon and Mars are Rajyoga planets for this (Cancer) asc and posited together, indicating auspicious moments during their dasha period. In his Navamsha, Moon and Mars are positioned 7 houses away from each other (clearly indicating marriage), further confirming the occurrence of marriage during their period. Planetary Conjunction or Separation by 7 Houses in Navamsha Indicates Marriage.

Transit Chart

In the transit, Moon and Mars were transiting in his 11th house. Additionally, the 2nd lord was transiting the 7th house while the 7th lord was conjunct the 4th and 11th lord, ultimately leading to the possibility of marriage.


2. Person B (Female)

Birth Chart

Its a chart of a professor, who got married on 19th November, 2019. Her Venus is exalted with full directional strength in the 4th house showing happiness in the home. Jupiter, the planet of husband is in a strong position in 10th house. Venus and Jupiter are aspecting each other, creating Rajyoga and Lakshmi yoga. The strength of her 7th house is below average but its lord Mercury is strongly posited in the 5th house with the 9th lord of luck, creating Budhaditya yoga denoting love at first sight. Additionally, her 2nd lord is in the 3rd house in its own sign showing strength.

Navamsha Chart

Married happened during her Mercury-Venus Mahadasha and Antradasha. The time period of Mercury-Venus typically signifies friendships and companionships, and in this case Mercury, being the 7th lord, and Venus, being the planet of Marriage, indicate a favorable time for marriage. In the Navamsha, her Venus is in the 7th house, while Mercury is in trikona from Venus, indicating mutual support and further confirming the possibility of marriage.

Transit Chart

In the transit, Mercury and Venus were transiting the 11th house while Venus exchanged positions with Mars. This conjunction in Libra's 11th house, along with the presence of Jupiter in the ascendant, led to the marriage.


3. Person C (Female)

Birth Chart

Its a chart of a banker, who got married on 24th November 2019. Her 2nd and 7th lord, Venus, is powerfully placed in the 10th house with Saturn and Rahu. Exalted Jupiter from the 4th house mutually aspects Venus, denoting timely marriage but Saturn and Rahu slightly delayed it to the age of 28 during her Saturn-Jupiter Mahadasha and Antradasha. Although Saturn-Jupiter dasha itself is not a direct indicator of marriage, the fact that Saturn and Jupiter are strongly posited 7 houses away from each other suggests the potential for marriage during this period.


Furthermore, in her Navamsha, they both are strong again, Saturn is in vargottama & bhavottama while Jupiter is in own sign, further confirming the marriage.

Transit Chart

Her marriage occurred when Venus, Saturn and Jupiter were transiting her 9th house in Sagittarius. Additionally, the 4th lord Moon and lagna lord Mars were transiting her 7th house, contributing to the possibility of marriage.



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