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New Year Predictions (Mundane) for Shobhakritu (Apr 2023-24)

Shobhakritu is the name of the samvatsara, or new year, that begins on April 14th 2023 and ends on April 13th 2024. It starts on the day when the sun enters Aries (Mesha Sankranti) and has 365 days, making it the authentic solar calendar that humans were originally meant to use. The beginning of this new year is celebrated in different names in Indian States as

  • Puthandu in Tamil Nadu

  • Vishu in Kerala

  • Bihu in Assam

  • Baisakhi in Punjab

It is also celebrated in different names in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Maldives, Mauritius and a few other South-East Asian countries.

The term "Shobhakritu" signifies "auspicious deeds". Its name derives from the fact that Jupiter usually transits through Aries during this year. As Aries governs the head of the Kalapurusha, it is believed to motivate people to seek knowledge and perform noble actions. However, Jupiter's powerful influence can also result in unpredictable events, such as war or political upheavals, as it represents "military generals" who even intimidate leaders.

Weather Outlook

Although Vedic astrology doesn't directly associate Jupiter with rainfall or rain clouds, it is believed to bring growth and abundance, which can include rain clouds and rainfall. According to classical texts, Shobhakritu is also associated with more rainfall, leading us to expect favorable weather conditions this year. However, with Jupiter and Rahu in Aries from April 22nd to November 28th (7 months), we may experience extreme rainfall in the world. This brings my attention to El Niño, a global weather phenomenon that causes powerful storms, intense rainfall, or droughts in many regions more than usual. It can also pose a threat to marine life in the Pacific and damage coral reefs. The likelihood of an El Niño occurring this year is higher than usual due to Saturn's 3rd aspect falling over Jupiter and Rahu from Satabishak nakshatra.

There may be extreme weather patterns from June through August of 2023, with increased rainfall in mountainous regions and drier weather in the plains. Although rainfall in the plains may initially be infrequent, it may improve and become more consistent from November 2023 onward.

Technology Outlook

Rahu's position in Aries since March 2022 has led to advancements in AI chatbots that have transformed writing processes. With Jupiter's presence, we can expect even more significant progress in the integration of AI bots in various fields. However, the eclipse season from April 22nd to May 4th may be a period of error correction.

An interesting astrological event is taking place from May 8th to May 21st, 2023 when Jupiter, Rahu, and Mercury will be in Aries. This activates Revati, a nakshatra associated with time, light, and pathways. This transit is likely to accelerate long-pending results in the areas of exploration and research. However, with Mars in Cancer, the process may involve extensive scrutiny and arduous procedures.

Rahu will shift to Pisces on November 29th, 2023, placing it between Saturn and Jupiter. This positioning could intensify competition among tech companies, potentially leading to war-like situations, especially since Mars and Sun will be in the Jyeshta nakshatra from December 9th to December 28th, 2023.

Political Outlook

Although there may be a possibility of volatile political conditions due to Jupiter's presence in Aries, we can expect normalcy until August 2023. However, starting from September, the situation may become unstable with leaders becoming insecure about their advisors and people feeling that their leaders are incapable of performing their duties. The final solar eclipse in Aries/Libra axis on October 14, 2023, and lunar eclipse on October 28, 2023, may lead to the escalation of warlike situations once again. Countries associated with Libra may be mostly involved in this.



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