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Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius (July - Oct 2024)

The current planetary positions bring a mix of positive and challenging influences across various aspects of life. Saturn retrograding in Aquarius while Rahu transiting Uttara Bhadrapada Nakshatra in Pisces in the 2nd house from Saturn. It indiates new dynamics in the way you approach the world. So let's analyse

Relationships Overview

Saturn is retrograde in Aquarius from July 2024, it urges you to re-evaluate your social networks. While this can lead to more meaningful and supportive friendships, the retrograde motion also brings challenges. Friendships may become strained due to misunderstandings and the need for boundaries. The healing energy of Shatabhisha encourages resolving past conflicts, but it can also highlight unresolved issues that require patience and effort to mend. Meanwhile Rahu transits Uttarabhadra nakshatra in Pisces from July 2024, it introduces unconventional dynamics in relationships. While this can lead to deeper emotional connections and transformative experiences, it also brings instability and confusion. Partners may struggle with unclear boundaries and expectations, requiring adaptability and open communication to navigate these changes. The spiritual energy of Uttarabhadra can foster growth, but only if both parties are willing to confront and work through their challenges.

Rahu’s aspect on Cancer brings transformative experiences in home and family life. It can lead to emotional growth and stronger family bonds but it also introduces instability and unexpected changes. Saturn’s aspect on Aries promotes disciplined communication within the family, but the retrograde motion can make interactions feel rigid and task-oriented. Family members may need to work harder to maintain harmony and understanding.

Saturn’s aspect on Aries can also make interactions with siblings feel strictly work-based or motivation-oriented. The retrograde motion may bring up past issues that need resolution, requiring patience and effort to maintain healthy sibling bonds.

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Career Overview

Jupiter in Taurus in Rohini nakshatra supports prosperous business relations and the growth of large organisations. However, the focus on material growth can lead to overexpansion and financial risk if not managed carefully. Saturn in Aquarius promotes structured and disciplined business practices, but the retrograde motion may cause delays and re-evaluation of long-term plans. This period requires a balance between ambition and caution to avoid pitfalls. Also Jupiter’s influence on Capricorn enhances career prospects and professional growth. It brings opportunities for advancement but it can also create pressure to perform and meet high expectations. Saturn’s aspect on Scorpio emphasises careful management and responsibility, but the retrograde motion may lead to setbacks and frustrations. Professional development during this time will require patience and strategic planning to overcome obstacles.

Mars’ aggressive energy can also lead to conflicts and power struggles. Saturn in Aquarius, in Shatabhisha nakshatra, promotes responsible leadership, but the retrograde motion may cause delays in implementing reforms. So leadership must balance assertiveness with diplomacy to avoid unnecessary confrontations and ensure effective governance.

Jupiter’s aspect on Virgo supports growth in service-oriented agreements and commitments. However, over-commitment and unrealistic expectations can lead to stress and disappointment, especially if you have a weak Saturn. Saturn’s aspect on Leo encourages responsible and structured approaches to promises and agreements, but delays and re-evaluation are likely during the retrograde phase. Clear communication and realistic planning are essential to navigate these challenges.

Investments Overview

Jupiter in Taurus supports economic stability and growth in the real estate sector. However, over-optimism and risk-taking can lead to financial challenges. Saturn’s retrograde in Aquarius encourages careful management of resources, but delays and re-evaluation of investments are likely. This period requires prudent financial planning and a cautious approach to property dealings to avoid losses.

Health Routines

Jupiter’s influence on Virgo promotes positive growth in health and daily routines. However, Rahu’s aspect introduces unconventional methods and potential instability. This combination can lead to innovative health practices, but also to confusion and inconsistency. It is important to balance new approaches with proven methods to maintain overall well-being.


The current planetary influences present a complex interplay of positive and challenging energies. While there are opportunities for growth, stability, and transformation, there are also significant obstacles and uncertainties. Navigating this period requires a realistic approach, balancing optimism with caution, and being prepared to face both the benefits and challenges that arise.


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