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Pushya/Pausa month (தை மாதம்), the time to fix

Sun’s annual transit through capricorn is termed as Pushya/Pausa aka Thai (தை) month, it roughly comes in between jan 15 to feb 15. In 2021 it starts on 14th january and ends on 12th february. It is named Pushya because Sun from capricorn aspects the nakshatra of Pushya on purnima (full moon) and amavasya (new moon) of this month. It also aspects other nakshatras but the main impact falls on this particular nakshatra so the name.

Capricorn is the 10th sign in the zodiac belt and natural 10th house (south direction and midday) where Sun gets its maximum strength so this placement of Sun is good for career related prospects, name, fame and more. Especially this time Sun is with saturn and jupiter so it makes you more focused towards your destined paths, as in your Agámi karma.

Lord Kartikeya significations

It is the one of the most auspicious times to worship Lord Kartikeya (Muruga). Kartikeya is the presiding deity (Adhi Devata) of Mars which gets exalted in capricorn. Mars not only gets exalted but also gets its maximum strength in the 10th house so worshipping Kartikeya in this month brings more success. On the other hand puranas say that Kartikeya destroyed asuras in this month exactly on the day of purnima which occurs in the nakshatra of Pushya. Hence this day is celebrated annually as Thaipusam, a very famous hindu festival around the world including India, Singapore and Malaysia.

Shravana nakshatra is in the heart of capricorn so how can we leave this one. Read about shravana, Kartikeya and guru tattva so you will understand why shravana and pushya are directly aspecting each other.

Sun and Mars relationship

Sun and Mars are always good friends. Sun gets exalted in Mars’s sign and they both get directional strength in the 10th house. They both are connected to Kartikeya and Krittika nakshatra. Both of them are fire grahas. Sun represents Shiva and Mars represents Kartikeya, Shiva and Kartikeya are father and son according to Hindu Puranas.

Time to fix

When Sun and Mars are together the motivation to fix something will be high. Capricorn brings up this energy that's why Sun and Mars are feeling high here. its especially strong this year since Sun, Saturn and Mars are all in good placement. This time can motivate you to follow your passion or do what you’re good at. It can make you try new things and make more efforts in that without losing hope and getting distracted.

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