• Arun Kumar Subramanian

Number significance

Numbers play a significant role in the construction of our Universe. Ancient Philosophies always kept numbers in high regard because of the same. It says that letters (mantra) and numbers are the basis of all creations.

How to understand this?

We have nine planets in the sky incl. Sun and the Moon strongly influencing us. The same way we have navadwara (nine openings) in our body influencing us. That's why the ancient Hindu temples have nine openings to enter and exit the premise.


  1. 2 eyes

  2. 2 ears

  3. 2 nostrils

  4. mouth and

  5. 2 genitals

We understand the outer space through our planetary system. The same way we understand the world through navadwara in our body.

You may have already heard a lot about the importance of the number 108. If you take 108 as 1+0+8 it comes down to 9. This is how every number has its own importance in the Universe (incl. our lives).

Come let's talk more about numbers and its astrological significances in my next post.

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