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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

5 Astrological facts about Mercury

1. Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun hence its always rising and setting before or after the Sun. Mercury is seen in the twilight period and so it represents the "Sandhi - the meeting time".

  • If you have a strong Mercury it means a lot of interactions, meetings, communications, friendships.

2. Mercury rules the Number 5. It means you'll talk about your Mercury atleast five times a day. For ex. If your Mercury is in Rohini then you'll talk about Rohini's theme like arts or fashion or beauty, attraction, vehicles, land, agriculture, food for atleast five times a day.

  • Strong Mercury means Number 5 can be exhausting but lucky for you.

3. Mercury is surprising, similar (yet complex) and funny. Hasta nakshatra, the funniest among nakshatras is in the heart of Mercury's exaltation sign (Virgo). Similarly the second most funniest, Revati nakshatra is ruled by Mercury but its debilitated there.

  • Strong Mercury means you're surprising and funny. Comedy is one of the ways to cool you down.

4. Icy water also shows mystery. Mercury rules the edge of all water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces), hence we can say its not only surprising but holds a deep dark truth.

  • Strong Mercury means deep secrets and more water storage (in the body).

5. Mercury is hot but it rules your skin.

  • Strong Mercury means dry skin.

Mercury represents meetings and the results of it. Hence its exaltation sign (Virgo) starts with Uttara Phalguni nakshatra which represents the same (incl. marriage). Enhancing your Mercury enhances everything I mentioned above.

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