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Mars retrograde (vakri) and direct in Pisces from 4th Oct to 23rd Dec, 2020

What is Pisces?

Pisces represents the ocean, the original 12th sign of the zodiac belt. It sees everything as a whole (philosophical), for ex. the creation, preservation and destruction are all the same for a philosopher. It is related to sleep, dreams, isolation and subconscious mind, which is why it is also associated with chaos. You can't infer anything directly from a dream, it doesn't provide information in a linear way but in a scattered one which you need to align and organize as a whole, that's Pisces, a puzzle. Solving it may require all your mental and physical energy, meaning you need to prioritize the puzzle over everything which is why it also represents moksha (letting go), of everything just to focus on that Paramatma (God). Moksha on a lower plane (earth) represents letting go unwanted thoughts, emotions, materials, people and situations.

Mars transit

Mars is going back (retrograde) to Pisces on 4th Oct, it will be stationary and direct on 16th Nov, then will leave Pisces on 23rd Dec, 2020. He'll spend more than two months searching for the treasures at the deep ocean. Pisces represents the ocean and treasures are the hidden or buried truth about yourself.

"A loop in time and space (like a time within a time)."

Effects of Mars transit (retrograde and direct)

The following explains the effects on each and every individual on earth. Lets understand Mars's journey from his own words.

*texts in brackets are the effects

Last time i lost my way in the ocean (Pisces) because i’m not a sailor nor a diver but i had to cross this ocean anyway (forced stay at confined space). I'm good at sitting in a deep dark water cave and ponder upon my thoughts and actions (Scorpio). But here i was seasick everytime a huge wave hit my boat (overactive/reactive to troubles). I crossed a lot of hurricanes on the way and found myself sinking many times (acidity, gastritis, ulcer, digestion issues etc.). Headaches and delusional thoughts (dreams) were normal. It was entirely an uncharted territory for me (misinterpretation) because i’m good at conquering lands but this was different. I couldn't handle the silence of the ocean regardless of what’s going on underneath the surface (subconscious agony). I stopped sailing at some point because it was mystically addictive (found comfort in confusion and troubles). I started forgetting where i was going, i used to look at stars in the sky and get philosophical (lazy and reasoning). In the beginning i felt alone because i love communication but later i became silent (too many thoughts and too little travels). Finally on 16th Aug i woke up after days of sleep (chaos, dreams, misinterpretations, false beliefs, intoxication, lethargy etc.) to witness that my boat hit the shore. Yet i missed some treasures i had on my boat (pending issues still bothering esp. at work, social life, with siblings, subconscious issues). It must be somewhere at the bottom of the sea. I calculated that it's in the 20th degree of Pisces, it means i have to cross the most violent and active parts of the sea once again (26th degree is the yogatara of Revati) but this time i know what i’m doing and determined.

I have the right tools to set the sail. I usually take about 45 to 50 days in one sign but here i took almost 2 months last time and will take 2 months and 19 days this time. As per my calculation i’ll be back by 23rd Dec. Anything can happen at this time (unexpected events).

  • “I” may lose myself (loss of ego) because of the vastness of it (understanding the higher philosophy and respecting it) but may also become an oblivion (loss of hope, memory, determination, stubbornness etc.).

  • I may witness some new creatures or things (unexpected new opportunities in career, meeting people and situations).

  • Even witness some deep sea creatures which can be challenging my strength and belief (known people with different behaviours) on my venture.

  • I may get delusional (dreams) or lose my things on the way again (overcoming fear, anxiety, things and people).

  • It may become an ordeal (frequent pain in shoulders, left eye, head, hip and leg).

  • I may get drowned here (addictions, intoxications, strong emotions, troubles in left eye like bloodshot).

  • I must need more energy (more food intake esp. easily eatable sea foods, veggies and milk related items).

  • I may get lost in time (thinking more about time).

But i’m sure that this is gonna be one hell of an adventure.

  • I’ll be different when i come back for sure (change or evolution in the belief system, work, passion, aligning with destiny).

  • I may start respecting the ocean more (heightened devotion, spirituality and dedication towards a higher cause).

  • I will have more mental acuity than physical (new way of understanding about your masculinity).

  • I may become calmer (less talkative) and wiser.

  • I may help and protect others through softer ways than being violent and aggressive (more importance to peace talks).

  • I may not have the urge to show off my strength (less show off).

  • I may also fall in love with this journey (long distance travel plans, work related plans, physical activities, meeting many new people and attending many new events which can get successful).

  • I may get philosophical (deep love beyond their good and bad).

I’ll get the support of Sun till 16th Oct and Ketu, Jupiter, Saturn throughout the voyage. From 17th Oct onwards i may go against the king (Sun will enter Libra) because being aggressive will not work in this turf (Pisces), i learned my lesson last time. Ketu will help me find the treasure when i’m deep underwater. Saturn on the other hand will give me the strength from last week of Oct (almost stationary till then). Even the ruler of this ocean (Jupiter) will be in vargottama from the end of Oct till 7th Dec, i believe within that time i’ll be able to finish my task with full strength (new habits, people, ideas, beliefs etc.).

But i may face confusions (confusions in desires and beliefs) on my way back from 8th Dec to 15th Dec but i sense that i’ll be protected somehow (humbled and heightened intuition, psychic abilities) by the ocean in this voyage overall.

Note: All these may happen based on my position in your chart. If Jupiter and i are retrograde then you may feel everything upside down. Rahu’s presence or aspect may make things upside down or in a heightened manner.

Bon Voyage!

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