• Arun Kumar Subramanian

Eclipses (Oct-Nov 2022)

Eclipse is usually the time of anomalies, secrecies, transformations, mystical and unexpected experiences. Based on its occurrence, you can find out what to expect. It's very simple, here you see the chart of this upcoming eclipse based on IST.

What you can understand here: It's a partial solar eclipse (Ketu is far away from Sun and Moon).

  1. Its occurring in the signs of Libra and Aries. So the individual and group transformations are going to be the theme.

  2. Sun is already weak in Libra and this eclipse makes it weaker. So Sun related entities will feel the inability to resist this weakness and change (entities are soul, fathers, leaders, heads, career, huge buildings, gold etc.).

  3. Sun and Venus are eclipsed at the same time. Venus is combust with the close proximity of Sun. So Venus entities will feel the inability to resist the weakness and exhaustion due to it (entities are women, relationships, passion, arts, creativity, bed pleasures, vehicles etc.).

  4. Venus is highly aware due to its mooltrikona placement in Libra. So Venus entities may accept the change overtime.

  5. But the major point is, the planets Sun, Moon and Venus are with Ketu so its the ending of whatever started in the last eclipse on 30th Apr 2022. But it'll take 3 months (till Jan 2023) in order for you to move on from this cycle entirely because Sun's Uttarayana will start from mid January next year.

  6. Other planets like Mercury in the 12th house in Virgo (mooltrikona), with Mars in Gemini (neutral) but stationary shows the refinement in communication can be there, like you'll hear less words with more meanings or vice versa (if planets are weak in your chart).

  7. Saturn in its own sign but stationary, 4th house from the eclipse and aspecting them through 10th, shows the secrecies about democracy/politics and its leaders can surface majorly at this time and the fall of a major government/leader may also be there. You'll see that in the next 3 months.

  8. Saturn and Jupiter are hemming Aquarius so the transformations are gonna be felt strongly by the signs Aquarius and Leo. Transformation can be through love, teachers, father, co-workers, employees or even by their own self.

Apart from all these, it is happening at the time of festival of lights, so fire related items should be handled carefully. Swati nakshatra is a whirling wind, Sun's position here with Ketu and Venus may be too hot to handle.

Lunar eclipse

We're going to witness a partial lunar eclipse in India on 8th Nov 2022. This will be visible mostly in the pacific as a total eclipse (Moon is close to Rahu). Here you see the chart of the upcoming lunar eclipse (based on IST).

What you can understand here: A new cycle begins through this eclipse. This cycle could be a radical time as the eclipse is happening in between the nakshatras Vishakha and Bharani. They both represent sudden changes, drastic events, law, etc. So its time of life changing decisions, splits in assets, breaks in relationships.

  1. Sun and Mercury are hemmed by Ketu and Venus in Libra. So the commitment, dedication, attachment towards the past relationship can be renewed.

  2. Saturn's 10th aspect is falling over Libra where we already have Rahu and Ketu. It creates a radical shift in perception related to love, marriage, partnership, money making, fears and beliefs. But the shift can be gradual due to Saturn and Mars' slow movement lately.

  3. This would've been a destructive/transforming eclipse but the slow moving Mars in Gemini makes it less prone. Still its 3rd placement from Aries makes it active. So sudden foreign travels, accidents, damages in vehicles, changes in the home can be there.

  4. Important time for Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn ascendants as chances of vehicle related incidents are there.

  5. Overall this eclipse is not going to create much on the outside as the planets Mars and Saturn will be moving much slower for the next three weeks. But the changes inside everyone will be visible especially from Jan 2023.

  6. Saturn in Dhanishta is about complete dedication towards duty but its irregular movement makes it hard to work and perform the duty, meanwhile Mars is the planet of motivation and its irregular movement makes you less motivated or demotivated towards your duty.

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