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Jupiter Saturn double transit part-2

Jupiter and Saturn both are called gas giants due to their sheer size and composition in the solar system. Without their presence, earth wouldn't have sustained life. In astrology they both are given huge importance after Sun and Moon. Jupiter and Saturn conjunction in transit is termed as double transit phenomena as it carries a huge significance. Jupiter roughly spends one year in one sign whereas Saturn spends roughly 2.5 to 3 years. Jupiter entered the sign of Capricorn on 30th March, 2020 and stayed there till 15th May, 2020 before it started retrograding back to Sagittarius. This Jupiter’s transit was mostly about Sagittarius and Uttara Ashadha. The crux is that both Jupiter and Saturn spent almost the entire 2020 in Uttara Ashadha nakshatra which represents the later victory.

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Saturn moved to Capricorn in jan 2020 while Jupiter for the 2nd time in 2020 entered Capricorn on 20th Nov, 2020. Jupiter will be here for about a year with Saturn, the sign lord. Capricorn is the debilitation sign for Jupiter but he is getting neechabhanga (nullification) here because of the presence of Saturn (sign lord) which nullifies/weakens the debilitation of Jupiter. Capricorn is the natural 10th rashi of performance of present life karma, career and your obligations to society. What you’re doing now is because of your artha houses esp. your 10th house. So the presence of Jupiter and Saturn here will impact what you’re going to do for the next 3 years at the least. So let's see what all can you expect in this time period. The following points are applicable for everyone regardless of ascendant and moon sign

Jupiter and Saturn meet in Capricorn once in every 60 years which marks the transition period (an end of a cycle). You can find this in south Indian classical texts, even in south Indian Hindu solar calendars where there are a total of 60 years with specific names and every 61st year the cycle starts again. Actually i don't know much information about it but as far as i know it's like a next generation in planetary scale.


  • Your responsibilities are gonna increase including the steady rise in your career.

  • You’ll be forced towards working not only for yourself but also for others.

  • Your focus towards comforts will be more. As a result your life comforts will be increased by two-fold in this period. But a constant frustration will be there too.

  • Working for more than normal like two to three jobs a day will become the new normal.

  • Your savings might increase, alternatively you may spend more money on food, luxury and travel.

  • Since this conjunction induces pragmatism into the minds and hearts of everyone, you’ll be able to focus more on the present than the past or future.

  • Focus towards connecting with your past through dreams, intuitions, psychic abilities might increase.

  • You may go for alternative healing therapies than conventional ones more often and its one good time to gain more benefits through these.

  • You shall become a strong empath.

  • Take care of your knee joints especially the right one because every time you get an injury you may also witness losses in life’s comfort level.

  • Issues related to obesity and teeth will be more this time.

  • You will spend more on personal care than 2020. More cardio, more good sleep etc.

  • You’ll also become more spiritual and more open hearted.


  • Certainly whatever you’ve planned or been working on this year will give the results in 2021.

  • Land related investments will be more especially from Jan through March.

  • Huge protests may take place against the governments* in 2021 especially in the months of february, june and july.

  • Governments may also get toppled due to conspiracies getting out of hand. Simultaneously many new conspiracies will take place to cover up the previous mess.

  • February is the time when public will be at large finding and exposing the media and the governments.

  • Even corporations and large organisations will get exposed and become the target.

  • Alien related activities will be witnessed once again and be exposed to the public.

  • Massive fluctuations in the stock market can be seen during the months of march through august. Fluctuations on the upside esp. in the beginning.

  • At the same time people may become more selfish towards their goals instead of a collective one. It's like they do something good to achieve their end goals.

  • All these may lead to many changes in the global economy like a “reset” especially between may and june.

  • Tensions between government and the public may gradually slow down by october 2021.

  • Possibly this is gonna be the end of manipulative media propagandas and a dawn of new age media around the world (atleast my expectation though).

  • Tours and travels industry will make more than double than any other year in the past.

  • Increased number of migrations, foreign travels and religious pilgrimages shall be seen.

  • The success rate of going to a foreign country to start a new job will be less.

  • Time for many new age startups especially in the field of personal services.

  • Dec 2020 could be the time of cure for the current pandemic (starting vaccination drive).

  • Also the queen's reign may see a change in 2021. It may even come to an end.

*governments - not one country in particular but the major players like US, Europe, Russia, China and India can be taken into account.

Slow and steady approach is required since your wisdom is not in good shape. Your ideas and realities may get twisted, what you thought was good can become completely different. Even though Jupiter gets neechbhanga here its still under the effects of debility. So give more importance to Jupiter significations such as family, law, dharma, guru, mentor etc. Totally this is going to be a very active and memorable year for the entire world. Rigidity is seen between the governments and the public due to which many disagreements will emerge which will end up causing all the above said effects. Alternatively people may take more time off to go offline and wander in nature than debating on social media.

*Fire rituals such as homa, yagya can be more beneficial in this time when Jupiter and Saturn aspects the nakshatra of Pushya. Even lighting a candle or oil lamp regularly is more beneficial.

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