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Transit in Uttara Ashadha (உத்திராடம்) Part-1

Due to its location in Sagittarius and Capricorn, Uttara Ashadha acts as a bridge between these two signs. Saturn entered Uttara Ashadha 1st pada by the end of dec 2019 but don't forget Saturn was with Ketu in Sagittarius from march 2019 till jan 2020. They both were alone in sagittarius especially between march and nov 2019, so understanding what they were doing becomes key for understanding the future. March to nov 2019 was the time you were forced to look upon your fears, weaknesses and wounds especially in mundane activities. Your silence or inactivity became a playground for others to play their game. You were receiving a lot of criticism and insights due to which you started acting without thinking. It was also the time of self infliction and criticism. Your principles, moral values, communication, spirituality, self, work, routines, commitments, expenditures, health were facing criticism either by yourself or by others or both. Ketu is the universe, Saturn and Sagittarius denote time, so this has set a new timeline of activities be it positive or negative. From the universal perspective everything is just another event happening and repeating itself overtime.

Saturn and Ketu in Sagittarius creates an ascetic on a higher level but a dark manipulative criminal on a lower level.

You had to forcefully let go of a lot of things mentioned above. It can be forceful or intentional based on the individuals. The construction of your inner psyche was undergoing a major change in fact. You became suddenly spiritual or the opposite, if it was the opposite then you won't be reading this anyway. Journeys have become handy especially pilgrimages. All in all it was the time when deep rooted secrets of yours were getting uprooted either by you or by others and by scenarios from the workplace, higher authorities. Also you were showing all those frustrations over your subordinates, your frustrations determined your actions and strategies. Pressure at workplace, pressure from your past actions, peers all were causing these major changes mentioned above.

From november 2019 everything started getting into shape right when the ruler of the sign Jupiter entered town. Jupiter is your higher knowledge and beliefs so, it was time for the masses to get wisdom but after spending a year in Scorpio Jupiter needed some time off. Jupiter is good at accepting everything so the actions, frustrations, dark and hidden strategies of Saturn and Ketu have been sanctioned by Guru without having a second look. It was the time Jupiter and his mooltrikon sign became chaotic like Pisces because of too much heaviness. While Jupiter was busy in his purgatory Venus entered the scene and made it intense. Jupiter and Venus combination creates partners in crime so you started questioning everything including your passion, devotion and dedication which pushed you furthermore into what you were doing already. By the second week of Jan 2020 Jupiter got hemmed in between Saturn and Ketu that's when things got even bigger. You started planning for an escape using what you built so far.

Right when Saturn entered Uttara Ashadha in the end of 2019, the actions were taking its final steps and results were out when Saturn entered Capricorn in Jan 2020. Still Jupiter couldn't do anything because he was intoxicated by his own poison. March 2020 was a triggering period because Jupiter entered Uttara Ashadha and his senses were shaken by not only the worldwide pandemic but inside each and every individual. Its vargottama pada of Sagittarius so Jupiter was finally able to see what he did inside out. Everything that has happened so far came to his realisation. But the intoxication took a toll on Jupiter, he had to move out of his own house to see the monuments he made worldwide as first hand experience. Luckily the next pada in Capricorn is again a vargottama so he fastened his seat belt and took a journey around the world to check everything out.

By Mid of May 2020 he decided to go back and fix everything but no matter what he did he was still recovering from intoxications, in fact he still does. When Venus was entering Sagittarius in 2019 Saturn was at 23rd degree so Jupiter now went back to that to fix everything because thats when things got intense i told you. He’s at 23rd degree at the moment while Ketu is actively weeding out all the intoxications of Jupiter from Moola nakshatra (Gandanta point). Yes Ketu and Saturn were the cause of intoxication but after the combo left each other Ketu had no choice but to follow Jupiter now because he’s alone and his character is to copy the ruler and co-passenger. Jupiter is both now so Ketu is like yes boss i’m obeying you now. This can mean that all the deep rooted toxins are being removed bit by bit from your life, it took a place not as a simple hobby but as a mere life path. But Ketu is an eccentric headless ascetic, it doesn't know how to remove the toxins. Wounds are forming because of this in the society and in everyone’s minds which will be treated right when Ketu shifts to Scorpio on 20th September 2020. It's a lonely and ecstatic time for Jupiter to work on himself and his sign without external influence till 19th november 2020. Because Jupiter not only came back but also ordered Saturn to go back to the 2nd pada of Uttara Ashadha to help him fix things. Saturn is extremely diligent in this pada, it will change its shift towards healing the masses. Your principles, career, duties, commitments, routines, spirituality, actions and obligations will take new turns. You’ll notice your bosses, elders, teachers, higher authorities will become soft, sensible and practical. Lot of people will take up jobs in travel and tourism, and also will go for long distance trips and pilgrimage. New professions will become the new normal. Large social and religious gatherings will be seen a lot and unity in people will also be seen more. New economic policies, labour policies, change of governments and authorities can also be seen worldwide. The focus towards hidden things like occult and mysticism will be high in people’s minds. It's also the time when government secrets and scandals may come to surface. People will be focused more on long term than short term. For ex. Instead of dating frequently now you’ll focus on a relationship. More interests towards book writers, publishers can also be seen. Also the strong grip of general entertainment on media will lose its grip and massive shift towards books and arts will be high. People will also look for a more comfortable work environment.

When Jupiter enters Capricorn on 20th Nov 2020 Saturn enters the 2nd pada and leaves vargottama. This means Saturn will finish its duty it has to do with Jupiter. The battle will get over but the aftermath will remain, which continues till the 3rd week of Jan 2021. That's when Saturn will leave the 4th pada of Uttara Ashadha. It's like the final victory has been achieved and a new start is about to begin.

Sagittarius became the war room since last year where everything is being planned. But ultimately it is a sattvic, dharmic, fire sign so the end result will be better from where it all started and Uttara Ashadha denotes all inclusive victory.

But remember all these are just for the time being, again another situation will come and it’ll all start in a different way at a different time.

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