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Do Not Wish for Moksha, says the Guru.

Once, a disciple approached his guru with a curious question. He asked, "Guruji, when does the atma (soul) attain moksha?"

The wise guru replied, "When the atma becomes tired of life."

The disciple was puzzled and asked the guru to elaborate.

The guru patiently explained, "There are three types of exhaustion - mental, physical, and soul exhaustion. When the mind is exhausted, it stops the body from functioning. Similarly, when the body is exhausted, it stops the mental function. But when the soul is exhausted, it stops the function of both the mind and body."

Disciple: But when does this soul exhaustion happen?

Guru: It happens when the soul has undergone countless births and experienced everything there is. At this point, the soul feels tired of life and becomes exhausted of both happiness and sadness because ultimately, both of them are burdens.

Disciple: Can you explain why happiness and sadness are burdens?

Guru: If one is happy, they will constantly strive to maintain it, but in an ever-changing universe, happiness cannot be found at all times. Therefore one cries and runs away when sadness arises, and as a result of dancing between happiness and sadness, their soul never finds rest while they are alive. That's why death is given as a gift, so the soul can rest in between.

Eighth house rules over death, rebirth, and the gifts one receives.

Disciple: But, don't most people reincarnate after death?

Guru: Yes, that's because most people leave this world with a bunch of desires, causing them to reincarnate. This cycle continues as long as they continue to wish, but after living enough lives, exhaustion sets in, and naturally the soul stops wishing for anything but begins to long for an escape route from this cycle of birth and death. It starts searching for answers, and that's when the guru appears to provide wisdom and guide the soul on the path to moksha. Disciple: So, you mean we shouldn't actively seek out a guru, but rather, the guru will come to us when our soul is ready?

Guru: Yes, that's right. You can have only one true guru in life, who leads you towards moksha, just like you have only one true mother who gave birth. Until then you will find many gurus come and go, like passing clouds, without making a lasting impact.


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