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Bhadrapada/भाद्रपदा (புரட்டாசி) month between September and October

Sun and Moon are significators of father and mother, soul and mind, left and right brain, right and left eye, day and night. Their conjunction and mutual aspect are important to figure out the impact it brings to the world. Vedic culture use sidereal methods of calendar calculation such as lunar, luni-solar and solar calendars. Solar calendar, where months are calculated based on the movement of both sun and moon. New moon (amavasya) is the conjunction and full moon (purnima) is the mutual aspect of sun and moon. Thus sun’s entry into virgo becomes the month of Bhadrapada (புரட்டாசி), equivalent to the luni-solar month Bhadrapada. It usually occurs between September and October.

The new moon and full moon of this month occurs in the axis of virgo and pisces. The major theme of this month is based on the two bhadrapada nakshatras (directly opposite to virgo) aspected by sun, thus the name. Virgo is about determination and commitment (starts with uttara phalguni) while purva and uttara bhadrapada are about taking that commitment to the next level. These nakshatras will go to extremes to fulfill their desires and commitments on a physical as well as astral plane. These extremities may lead to good or bad results based on the individual mental state, that’s why more sattvicness is preached in this month to get the good results. Some Hindu cultures esp. in South India, people will avoid eating tamassic food such as non vegetarian and will read Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram, Bhagavat Gita, serve at temples and ashrams, donate to the needy to remove or reduce the tamassicness.

Sri Tirupati Balaji temple will have many special poojas as it is one of the most auspicious months for worshipping Lord Vishnu. Because Vishnu is the preserver, he will give us the firm feet to walk on the earth and devoid of all six shadripus (kama, krodha, lobha, moha, mata and matsarya).


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