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Analysis of 2021

Speculative Market

After a year of tough, sick, strict, slow, misinformed and mundane life you’ve entered 2021 with new yet high hopes.

Swinging between the real and virtual worlds constantly in a day!
A shift in playing field (image source:

Last year was a unique one we’ve never seen before in history. The world has witnessed mass destruction, plague, lockdown and misinformation many times but it's different this time. Before 2020 most people thought it's impossible or were thinking the situation won't come to this level at least in their lifetime but 2020 changed everything. You’re encountering this massive change in the minds of the masses because of 2020.

This is the chart of 2021. The double transit of Jupiter and Saturn is occurring in Capricorn in the 5th house. 5th house is responsible for speculative gains, now you may understand why the amount of players in the market is suddenly rising. Even when the economy was going through a massive setback the market was witnessing its all time highs. Many started looking for alternative ways to save their money and taxes.

Chart of 2021

To support this phenomena, Moon in the 11th house mutually aspecting the two gas giants while Rahu from the 9th house is having mutual aspects with Jupiter. Moon and Rahu are responsible for the stock market and all sorts of speculative gains as the significators. Rahu was born out of Moon’s mischievous behaviours. Thus Rahu also gets exaltation in Taurus like the Moon.

Taurus is the natural 2nd house, the stock market, the wall street of the US. If Taurus is the stock market then Virgo and Capricorn are naturally connected to it due to the principle of trikona. Even if you take Aries as the first house, Capricorn becomes the 10th house that means it is the stock market. Capricorn is a bit different from Taurus.

Capricorn decides the amount of players involved in the stock market while Taurus decides the amount of money.

So Jupiter and Saturn, the two heavyweight champions of the solar system in Capricorn represents more people and Rahu in Taurus represents more money.

Fluctuations can be there but the trend may continue throughout the year or at least till November because Rahu and Saturn won't change their places anytime soon while Jupiter oscillates between Capricorn and Aquarius. A massive six planetary conjunction occurs in Capricorn in February 2021, this may induce more people’s involvement in deciding the market. Sun is the government so its entry into Capricorn is going to impact the market in a more positive way. It means the market may get more support from the government, so the trend may keep getting high. In recent times you might’ve seen a rise in the participation of institutional investors, this may increase further in Feb and March but the fall can be expected in April since Rahu will be hemmed by Sun and Mars, the planets of government and duty. But this won’t be a huge one, rather a foundation for the next impact. Rahu will see the hemming of two rajassic and friendly planets Mercury and Venus in May 2021. This can be the time when supply will be high and demand will be less. Good time for new investors to step in.

Saturn and Ketu conjunction

Saturn and Ketu combination brings out death and decay (read carefully). Saturn and Ketu are significators of 6th and 8th houses, in other words, Saturn is the significator of longevity (Ayur karaka), when it combines with Ketu it brings sudden endings. Since Ketu is the higher octave of Mars it not only ends life but finishes the process completely as in, it kills, burns and puts the ashes in water (completes the process) that's why Ketu is known as Moksha karaka. But these significations of Saturn and Ketu wouldn't have been prominent if Jupiter was in some other sign. Yes, exactly when Ketu entered Sagittarius on 23rd March 2019 Saturn was there already while the dispositor (Jupiter) was in the natural 8th sign of Scorpio.

"Anytime you see a planet's position you also have to see its dispositor to understand the final outcome and if the result is significant (big event) then you need to see all the other planets (supporting factor)."

This triggered the event since Jupiter too gave a green signal. Sagittarius became the platform where Saturn and Ketu did experiment while Rahu was in Gemini supporting them2. Saturn and Rahu combination or mutual aspect brings out heaviness in work and responsibilities which you cant escape. Its one of the heaviest combinations.

Saturn strictly makes you repay your past karmas and Rahu’s association expands it.

Sagittarius represents law, politics. Gemini represents media, communication and Scorpio represents secrecy, sudden events. Now combine all these and see for yourself (the real cause of this pandemic). Saturn left Sagittarius on 24th January 2020 but it took another 8 months for Ketu to leave. As of 2021 Saturn and Ketu are hemming Sagittarius from strong placements (Saturn in Capricorn and Ketu in Scorpio) and this is gonna continue till March 2022. That's why even after crossing the peak the end hasn't come yet. More new vaccines may come that will gradually eradicate the pandemic but not for a year at least. The beginning of the end of pandemic can be seen when Jupiter enters Satabishak in May 2021. After a few days of entering Satabishak, Jupiter will be retrograding to Dhanishta and come back again to Satabishak in Jan 2022. So the end of this pandemic may take place between May 2021 and Jan 2022. After Jan 2022 its a slow fade till March, I'd call it the healing period.

On 14th Dec 2020 we witnessed the solar eclipse in Scorpio that gave the vaccine and if you notice carefully through astrology you can even track the course of events like above.

As far as politics is concerned, a lot of new things are going to happen with lot of chaos as the outcome. See the chart above, Saturn is the final dispositor for Jupiter the entire year. Especially the year started with Saturn and Mars as the final dispositors for all the planets and it continues with Saturn being fixed final dispositor for Saturn and Jupiter around the year and most other planets for more than half of the time. Jupiter is the strategist but he'll listen more to Saturn now, as in, the policies signed and the work done this year will be good for the time being but it will trigger huge chaos in the long run because Saturn’s 3rd aspect falls on Pisces. The plans and policies will include more focus towards life beyond earth, contacting UFOs and aliens etc. In fact the work has started already in 2020 when Mars was camping in Pisces for 6 months from June to December.

Jupiter in Aquarius (6th Apr 2021 to 13th Apr 2022)

I've already made an analysis of double transit phenomena 20-21 here. So this is more of a study on Jupiter alone in Aquarius.

Aquarius is a very peculiar sign. It is ruled by Saturn and rahu so it's clear where it gets the oddness from. It's the most spiritual sign but at the same time the wildest. It's about gulping big but in the process helping others too. The sign of aghora we can say. It's like good for good guys and bad for bad guys. Pisces believes in philosophy but Aquarius believes in something beyond philosophy, utopia. You might think utopia is not possible here, yes that's what Aquarius is about, the other world stuff, beyond the norm. If Scorpio rules the underworld then Aquarius rules the other world. So Aquarius always has a touch of extraordinariness in its approach. Aquarius stands for expansion, higher knowledge, wisdom, temples, institutions, social groups & organisations, rallies, protests, extremities, alien communication, space research and more. Jupiter is a perfect candidate for everything Aquarius stands for. Jupiter is naturally a calm, poised, law abiding gentleman but when push comes to shove he’ll beat the shit out of you. Jupiter people more than mars or ketu should be the most violent (Vishakha & Purva Bhadrapada) but more often they don't show it to the world, rather they show aggression towards themselves by being self-critical thus they’re the most self-aware people in the world.

Here Jupiter in Aquarius becomes a marriage made on earth esp. at a time when the lords of Aquarius i.e., Saturn and Rahu both in earth signs. Earth signs are natural artha houses so Jupiter’s focus will be more towards accumulation of resources, expansion of wealth, throwing fancy parties, using wealth to make more wealth, advancements in transportation, alien communication and more. I've added few important points to note in this transit.


  • You’ll become talkative, you may also feel like you know better than others. This is esp. when Jupiter transits through Dhanishta nakshatra.

  • You may get an exceptional urge to do something, to follow and to support something you feel right about.

  • Increase in comforts through material gains, status rise, travel, meeting the most important person of your life, spirituality etc. (transition phase).

  • You'll put your best efforts into something. Your expectations will also get high, suddenly you’ll start planning about the future if not before. Anything you set your mind on will become fruitful esp. in Dhanishta nakshatra.

  • You may be able to fulfil your desire that’s been building up since 2014-2015.

  • A sense of idealism will hit you like if you did something you’ll achieve an ideal life but whether you achieve it or not is based on your personal karmic path.

  • This is also a highly independent time, you may go through some major unexpected events in your personal life (ups and downs) like a wake up call.

  • Everything you do to others and others do to you will have a major impact in both your and others’ lives. So be very cautious of your thoughts, words and actions (watch what you post online).

  • Avoid giving promises in this time esp. till Dhanishta otherwise to keep that you may go to any lengths.

  • Certainly this is one of the best times for physical and mental workout. Also people will start giving more importance to time.

  • You may also become highly emotional or eccentric and will be ready to end or transform things.

  • Interest in money, stock market, gold are also seen here.

  • Esp. Aries, Taurus, Gemini and Pisces asc. people may start facing issues in their legs esp. in the calves region from September.

  • Air sign ascendants will gain more insights on making money. This is without a doubt one of the best times since Saturn and Rahu are in suitable places.


  • Scandals and secrets of governments’ surveillance surfacing.

  • Accumulation of lands by large corporations/organisations.

  • Protests and outrages between August and October. Even if it doesn't then this time will be a trigger to later events.

  • Chances of water related natural and artificial disasters esp. between Nov 2021 and Feb 2022.

  • Secrets related to forest, seas and oceans may surface.

Alternatively this time can also bring obstacles in a much higher level if you let things without control.

Infact this will be an interesting time. In this one year period Jupiter will be moving forward and retrograde (dance) till November 2021 between Aquarius and Capricorn. Jupiter will be in Dhanishta nakshatra in this time but from Jan 2022 it moves to Shatabisha. Jupiter spends just two months there from Jan 2nd 2022 to Mar 2nd 2022. Then it moves to Purva Bhadrapada on Mar 2nd 2022 and finally crosses Aquarius on Apr 13th 2022. So technically Jupiter spends much time (almost 9 months) in Dhanishta alone. Thus understanding Jupiter in Dhanishta is more important here.

But this will set a path for a series of events in the coming years. The last time when this type of transit happened was in 1961-1962. The space age started in the 1960s. The society at large started supporting the money spending in space technologies. It was the time of civil rights movement in the US. The 1960s paved the way for drastic changes in the fashion industry around the world, also the beginning of countercultures like bohemianism, hippie movement, all were part of unconventional lifestyles before. This is the kind of change Jupiter brings in Aquarius.

Whenever Jupiter is in Aquarius it acts like it's in cancer. Cancer is a motherly sign but it can become wild and extreme if need be, the same quality is applicable to Aquarius as well (higher octave of cancer). Everything you see in cancer sign will be at a higher level here. Cancer is where your emotion gets built up and Aquarius is the culmination point of it. So whatever’s been building up since Jupiter was in cancer last time (July 2014-2015) is going to get fulfilled in this time period.

Read the Jupiter Saturn double transit

Eclipses and weather patterns

We’re gonna witness four eclipses this year (two lunar and two solar) with two of them occurring in may and june and two in november and december. Sun and moon are the main influences of weather on earth. That's why we witness sudden short term weather changes at the time of an eclipse. But the changes don't end there, rather create more and more unique weather patterns in the long run. The strange weather patterns can be seen in the second half of the year with water related natural disasters. Astrology doesn't say this directly but chaos theory says so. Sudden changes in the weather pattern (occurred frequently at different places) will cause a major change in the overall climatic condition of the earth. This is why predicting weather even for the next week is still a daunting task for meteorologists because you never know what kinda change will happen at when and where.

The luminaries and the nodes are in rohini and anuradha nakshatra. Rohini is connected to the farmlands and anuradha is connected to the wetlands. For ex. India, US, China, Southeast Asia, South America etc. are having more above said lands.

Prashna chart of the lunar eclipse (26th May 2021)

Prashna chart of the solar eclipse (10th June 2021)

Therefore chances of more rainy days and flooding can be there especially in places connected to taurus, rohini, scorpio and anuradha. Even the adhi devata (presiding deity) of scorpio is Lord Parjanya, the God of rain who is also one of the 12 adityas. Secondly jupiter in satabishak nakshatra with neptune in aquarius also denotes water (anuradha is always supported by satabhishak). Satabishak with jupiter can expand things. So the result can be heavy rain, flooding, unexpected cold weather etc. This can be seen from the mid throughout the year 2021 as we've two more eclipses in Nov and Dec 2021 in the same signs with ketu in anuradha. On the other hand, some places can have weather reversal due to the unpredictability of the nodes.

Rahu and ketu are exalted in taurus and scorpio, their power is rising more at the time of eclipse so be sure to remember the divine and stay grounded. Take bath before and after the eclipse. Pray to panchabhutas (akash, vayu, agni, jala and bhumi) while at the time of eclipse based on your location. Keep a bunch of "Darbha grass" at home to ward off the negative energy. Pray to Goddess Durga, the deity of Rahu. I'll talk about more psychological impacts in an other article.

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