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Adhik maas and dullness

Adhik maas (aka extra month) (अधिक मास) (கூடுதல் மாதம்) from September 18 to October 16, 2020

Vedic calendar has luni-solar and solar calculation methods. The luni-solar year has 354 days whereas the solar year has 365 days as we all know. Every year there is a gap of 11 days between luni-solar and solar years. Every third year this gap is filled by adding an extra month in the luni-solar calendar which becomes Adhik maas (aka Mala maas/Purushottam maas).

The theme of this month is “moksha” (let go). You may

  • feel the denial by someone or something

  • feel lack of excitement and enthusiasm

  • feel lazy and lethargic

  • feel dreamy

  • want to take rest all the time

Lets see why. Because every month in vedic calendar is ruled by its presiding deity but no one was ready to be the deity of this month so the month itself prayed to God Vishnu to be the deity. Vishnu as usual accepted the prayer with a smile, since then it became “Purushottam maas”. Since this month was denied by everyone it carries the theme of denial, also God Vishnu, the presiding deity is in a resting state in the cosmic ocean which denotes that on a lower plane (earth) you may feel the above mentioned things.

The underlying fact of this month is that it forces you to let go of something you’re attached to. It can be ego, materials, anger or anything which doesn't let you evolve. But letting go isn't easy, this is why the lethargy kicks in and makes you lose the excitement.

It's usually not this intense but this time all the planets are against you.

Sun is hemmed in Mercury and Venus (which creates chaos even in weather pattern) since 18th august till 25th october, Jupiter is hemmed in Ketu and Saturn since january of this year till december (entire year Paap kartari yoga), Mars is in Pisces since 18th june till 24th december and the cherry on top is Rahu Ketu transit occurred on 20th September.

Remedies: Prayers to God Vishnu and charity to the needy are advised by the elders. Because Vishnu gives you the power to live a sustainable life by giving back what you take. Give more than what you take because the people close to you are a mere reflection of yours and vice versa. When you give more you’ll receive more.

Note: I wasn’t aware of this before but started hearing from many people since last week that they feel a lack of excitement in everything and are lazy all the time. Then i did some research, also read the story behind this month. I can’t claim this to be true 100%. Of course some may feel energetic better than before because their planetary alignments may have the capacity to do so. So take it with a grain of salt.


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