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  • Arun Kumar Subramanian

2022 Analysis (based on the new Samvatsara)

Predicted so far?

Prediction of the pandemic: 2021 was basically an extension of 2020 with repeated lockdowns, loss of jobs & businesses. Everything continued online. But we started witnessing changes as soon as Saturn and Jupiter got faster in Capricorn from November 2021. They both are continuing their fast pace till April 2022 (6 months) so the results they bring are massive. All that we’ve seen in 2020 and 2021 are almost gone now, thanks to Jupiter and Saturn that we are breathing in fresh air. The panic will become lesser and lesser in the coming months to a complete oblivion in January 2023. Yet, the key player wasn’t just Jupiter and Saturn but Mars who made this possible by transiting Capricorn. I’ve been explaining about this key transit and its results in November 2021, you can watch it here.

Prediction of conflict: The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is indeed a long term cause but things went out of hand since December 2021 and became an actual war in February 2022. Russia has the combination of Jupiter, Saturn and Ketu’s energy. They’ve all been in controversial placements when the war started. Here, the key player was Mercury and Sun who made this possible by hemming Saturn and advocating it to go for a war. I’ve been explaining this key transit and its results in February 2022 before the war started, you can watch it here.

Prediction of volcanic eruptions: The conjunction of Sun, Mars and Ketu in Scorpio triggered these recent intense volcanic activities around the world. Because they all are fire planets and the sign Scorpio represents hot liquid present underground, in this case, the magma. The seismic activity started from late October 2021 and became intense in December 2021 when they all conjoined in Scorpio. Its intensity continued till the mid of February 2022 as all three planets were in 1st, 3rd house from Scorpio, the action axis. The 3rd house from Scorpio is Capricorn which currently has Saturn in it so the results have been drastic. But it's been getting reduced since then as the Sun moved out of the 3rd house and will be reduced further as Mars is also moving out of the 3rd on 8th April 2022. The intensity was high when Sun and Saturn were in Capricorn with Mars and Venus in Sagittarius. The second intense phase is now going on with Mars, Venus and Saturn together in Capricorn but will soon go down with everyone leaving Capricorn by the end of April 2022. I've been explaining about this key transit and its results in November 2021 itself, you can watch it here.


What we're going to see?

Jupiter’s transit: Let’s look at Jupiter first regardless of what the yearly chart says. Jupiter is currently transiting over Purva Bhadrapada in Aquarius. It started on 2nd March 2022 and will continue till 13th April 2022. This is the final realization moment of Jupiter in this cycle of Aries to Pisces (from 2011). During this journey, Jupiter was under strong constraints in Sagittarius between 2019 and 2020 due to Saturn, Ketu and Rahu’s influence (I've explained it here), then it moved to Aquarius and started fulfilling its desires that's been building up since 2014-2015 when it was in Cancer. Finally it'll end this 12 year journey of one full rotation around the Sun by entering Pisces on 13th April 2022. So, imagine these last few days in Aquarius as the final days of imprisonment of Jupiter.

It means, the significations of Jupiter will come out stronger as soon as it moves to Pisces on 14th April 2022. But Pisces is the sign of the highest of comforts, so what if Jupiter's significance does not get into shape? In this case, we have to look at Venus and Mars. Venus is the “interest” and Mars is the “action”. Surprisingly Venus and Mars are following the path of Jupiter and joining him in Pisces on 28th April and 17th May respectively. So Jupiter can manifest its energy properly in Pisces between this April and the next. Because Mars will be closer to Jupiter (3 houses away retrograding) till 12th March 2023, so the manifestation will come in handy.

  • Jupiter in Pisces will be advocating freedom and peace esp. in the later half of its journey but the first half can be chaotic. Because the secret about Pisces is that it's the sign of freewill (I bet no one ever told you before), it opens up new territories but the new territories will always come with new challenges. So Jupiter needs time esp. till July 2022 to figure out its challenges so the narration of virus, war, shortage of FMCG supplies, inflation etc. shall continue till then.

  • People will try to gain comfort through mass travel and migration (Cancer 5th aspect from Pisces).

  • We can expect a lot of new discoveries and inventions with Jupiter in Pisces and Rahu in Aries. This combination was last occurred in 1892 with the invention of Diesel engine, world's first fingerprint bureau, invention of two-way telegraph by Thomas Edison etc.

  • Jupiter will be hemmed by Saturn and Rahu from 29 April to 11 July 2022 and 17 January to 22 April 2023. This is the time of radical changes in the society at large esp. the second hemming in 2023 will be stronger than the first. This combination was last occurred in 1921. It was the time of communism around the world. Communism was the then new political ideology that shook the world radically with war, famine in Europe and Russia, hyper-inflation in Europe etc. Now after a century later, the history is about to repeat itself with major revelations, discoveries and inventions in things including politics, climate, space, medicine etc. Also addictions, mental illnesses, opening of more hospitals and mental rehabs would be high in this period. Saturn and Rahu shall trigger a new age space shuttle launch program at this time.

  • Jupiter in Pisces will bring a lot of guidance, knowledge, support, intuition and creativity from the Universe. So its the best time to be more composed and spiritual.

  • Chances of meeting or acknowledging Gurus from foreign lands are there.

  • Jupiter is the significator of wealth (physical and mental) and Pisces is the natural 12th house of losses, so expenses and losses may happen to some people who have a weak Jupiter but remember that this is how they'll get knowledge and guidance. On the other hand, Pisces is considered as the wealthiest sign so Jupiter's transit in Pisces may bring lot of wealth to people with a strong Jupiter. But overall this is going to be the time of new and unexpected experiences from Jupiter.

Jupiter will be in

On the other hand, Jupiter will be spending 10 months in Uttara Bhadrapada and two months in Revati. Uttara Bhadrapada is known for its depth. Jupiter being a recovering patient will have a hard time in this nakshatra. So its kind of desperate times. He'll perform his learned duties in a much deeper and emotional way. The emotions can be high on both the sides of belligerence and peace mongers. That's why we call Purva Bhadrapada the hyper duality and it precedes Uttara Bhadrapada so this Jupiter tends to take everything he learned in Purva to the deepest point of Uttara. So, its time for both the chaos and the peace. But more on the side of freedom, peace and clean environment since Moon is in the fourth and the 4th lord is exalted in the 12th house. Also more new rules and regulations would be introduced this time.

Yearly chart of the new Samvatsara - Shubhkrut

Look at where the maximum planets are. Four planets are in Aries and three planets are in Aquarius. When you look from natural order this is the year of you and your gains. Whatever you do will be reflected back to you within the end of this year.

Rahu is the significator of western economies who's posited in Aries with Mercury, Rahu and Uranus.

Rahu's position in Aries is in bleak condition. Because Rahu is like a bomb that expands rapidly and Aries being a movable fire sign shall increase the rate of expansion to unimaginable levels. We also have Sun, Mercury and Uranus. Sun represents power and explosion, Mercury represents swiftness and technicality, Uranus is more like Rahu with an electrical touch. So just imagine the result of this combo. We have to look at everything one by one to understand.

Governments and policies: When you look from the actual lagna (Taurus), Sun exalted in the 12th house and 12th lord in the 10th house shows that inflation and FMCG supply demand will be dealt with in a good way and the governments of the west will make incredible efforts to maintain the prices within a particular range. But this solution is for the time being only. Fourth house being a burnt house and 4th lord exalted in the 12th shows that the temporary freedom and peace I said earlier will come after nine months i.e., from November 2022. Ketu in the 6th and Venus in the 10th shows that the debts of the countries would increase multiple times and Saturn being the 10th lord in Dhanishta shows that the governments will simply buy more time to delay the imminent crash of the economy like Bhishma Pitama did in Mahabharata. You may wonder, this has been going in the west for a long time yes, but the speciality of this year is the placement of all the planets especially Venus and Mars, it shows that most of the actions of the governments and the people will be out of desperation. It can be good or bad based on the personal and public karma. Desperate times are not only due to Mars and Venus but also based on the Jupiter and Sun's positions. Jupiter being the 8th lord placed in the 11th house shows that gains would come through the losses of others. This means more war and more disaster but this is how the society is built. Jupiter is the advisor to the governments so his desperate position in Purva Bhadrapada shows that the advises to the governments will be like a gambling (Cancer in D9). If it works its good otherwise the game collapses. And the best part is that they will win the game but the problem of inflation and associated things will come back again because Jupiter is in Punarvasu in D9.

Ketu represents the east. Its presence in the 6th in Vishakha is all about enmity, split and dare but the lords of Rahu and Ketu are together in the 10th house and their lord Saturn is in Dhanishta. This will prolong the tensions between east and west like cold war times due to the economic split between east and west. Yes, this is pretty bleak isn't it.

Saturn's transit: Saturn enters Aquarius (after 30 years) by 29 April 2022 and retrogrades back to Capricorn by 12 July 2022, this is a short term but Saturn will again go back to Aquarius once and for all by 18 Jan 2023. Aquarius is the Moolatrikona sign of Saturn, so the comfortability and consciousness of Saturn is higher in this sign compared to Capricorn. June to October 2022 is the realisation period of Saturn (aka the public). As in, you'll start doing amends to get good results and better achievements. You'll get what you want but you may become patient and hardworking in order to get more. The below points are for the people with strong Saturn.

  • People of Saturnian nature (hardworking, old, under privileged, subordinates) will get recognized this time.

  • This time may also bring you a lot of responsibilities/karma towards yourself, close ones and the society. And most of the time you will take these responsibilities willingly.

  • This time period may also trigger you towards finding comforts in life. The amount of comfort and it's nature will be based on your independent chart.

  • If you're a person who loves isolation and privacy then you may suffer in this time. Because this could easily be one of the busiest times in your life. You may be obliged to communicate to a lot of people in this time.

  • This is a major time of transformation especially in relation to the way you portray yourself in front of the society.

  • Constant pain in the knee can be there for some people.

  • This is also the strongest time of maturity through meeting people or situations from the past.

The interesting point is that, Saturn is spending 13 months in Dhanishta from 18 Feb 2022 to 14 March 2023. Dhanishta is known for its patience, will power, hardwork, consistency, longevity, interest in multiple streams including performing arts, devotion, dedication etc. Saturn's time in Dhanishta would bring positive results in this time for people with strong and sattvic Saturn. Natives may witness all the qualities mentioned above in this time period. But a weak Saturn with tamassic influence may bring negative results from what i said above. For ex., they may be forced to be patient. Dhanishta is also the bridge between natural 10th and 11th houses.

  • Saturn's time here shall bring patience in order to get what you want. And you may get what you wait for at the time of Saturn's transit into Aquarius.

  • Sacrificing your wants for the sake of others (esp. for the elders) can also be there.

  • It'll also make the society more materialistic.

  • Rise of pollution in every possible way can be seen.

  • Rise of interest in ancient arts through new ways can be seen.

  • Dhanishta is known for marital disharmony, so Saturn's position here will bring a solution through better commitments or parting ways.

Since Saturn moves to Aquarius, it'll start hemming Jupiter in Pisces by joining hands with Rahu in Aries. This hemming will be there from 29 Apr to 12 Jul 2022 and from 18 Jan 2023 to 21 Apr 2023. This results in creating strong karmic duties towards Pisces and Jupiter. Its the second time in last three years that Jupiter and its signs are under the karmic hem of Saturn and the nodes. Previously it was in Sagittarius and we witnessed what all happened in that time. I wrote about it in detail here. And this time Saturn and Rahu are in good dignity so their hemming will impact the society by bringing advancements in science esp. from Jan 2023. The advancements could be related to space, medicine, travel, tourism & hospitality, metaverse etc. 27 Jun to 12 Jul 2022 is the beginning period of what i said above (as Mars, Rahu and Saturn will be hemming Jupiter in Pisces).

moves to Aquarius it's 3rd aspect falls on Aries where Rahu is positioned. So the karmic binding is gonna happen through the communication of Aries. Karmic binding means the long term responsibility because Saturn's 3rd aspect is the most karmic one. Aries represents the head of the society, family etc. It also represents the head of each and everyone regardless of your ascendant. So be careful with what you say for for the next 18 months esp. at the time of Mercury retrograde. Saturn's 7th aspect and Rahu's 5th aspect falls on Leo, the sign of dominance. So the commitment aspect of Saturn would come through Leo. It means partnership with fatherly, authoritative, friendly, creative, playful, romantic, futuristic, foreign to your culture, language, location types are possible. Saturn's 10th aspect falls on Scorpio, the sign of mystery. It means you may have to find new career paths and new ways to contribute to the world.

Rahu & Ketu transit: Rahu and Ketu will be spending the entire Samvatsara in Aries and Libra respectively. Ketu's eighth house position from Jupiter may hinder Jupiter's comfort in Pisces indirectly.

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