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Take what you can give and Give what you can get

Why we have “give and get” policy in Hinduism. Why do we have to give something to get something from God aka the Universe?

Many people ask this question and many times they don’t realise that they don’t have the capacity to understand the answer even if it’s presented to them.


Once a man went to a guru and asked this “Why I have to perform a Pooja or Homa to god to get good things in life? If god loves me then he has to do it without my prayer, why he has to act like a human and expect silly prayers and rituals from us?”

The guru said you don’t have to do anything. The angry man left the place. Several years later he came back again to meet the guru with an evolved mind. The guru didn’t ask him anything but he opened his mouth to talk about his realization. He said he understood that god is a reflection. All these years he was doing nothing but angry over god and he got nothing but anger in return. This time with a more humble expression he asked the same question he asked last time.

The guru replied that “Everything in this world is made up of Panch Bootas (five elements). There are five elements in nature which are Ether (its Sookshma, meaning you can’t feel, see, taste or touch), Air (feel), Fire (light), Water (taste) and Earth (touch) in order. You have the same five elements in your body as Ear (from Ether), Nose (from Air), Eyes, Mouth and Body. Among these water is the most important element as it is the lifeblood of all living beings. You get water through rain and to get rain you need all five elements in balance. This is why respecting the nature is more important than respecting a human being because it can save an entire community. But you don’t do it, you destroy nature in unimaginable ways and in return nature destroys you. Since everything here is made of the same five elements you feel the nature’s destruction in everything. It shows the destruction not only thru natural calamities but the diseases and disorders you get in your body, the problems you face in your daily life everything. For ex. If you constantly get money trouble that’s because you don’t respect water and land, if you get into trouble with your boss that’s because of the air element. There are two rules to solve this problem. One you have to start respecting the nature, the five elements. But your respect isn’t enough since you damage nature thru your modern lifestyle, so the second rule is to perform Kriyas i.e. rituals in way of Pooja and Homa to pay respect to five elements. This is usually performed in temples regularly to pay respect to nature which in turn keep it in balance. When large group of people gathered in a temple for a Pooja, Homa and chant the mantras simultaneously it creates a strong vibration*. In the olden days it was performed regularly but now temples became lesser and the people going to temple are also reduced. So you’re advised to perform Pooja and Homa at home. Also there are strict principles to follow before performing Pooja and Homa. These are in fact subtle messages to make you respect nature.


The man finally understood the message behind the principle and thanked the guru. When he was about to take leave the guru asked him “where is ether”? The man showed his hand towards the sky to denote space as ether. Guru smiled and said space is everywhere, it’s between you and me, it’s inside your body even in your heart. If it’s not there you wouldn’t be alive. The man also smiled and said he thought he knew everything. Guru replied that when you came here last time you were filled with ego that’s what made you question this but life experiences lessened your ego and brought you here again.


*You go to times square on a new year’s eve to become part of the crowd and to see and feel the happiness, the new year and when everybody greets each other it creates a change in them, they become happy at least for a day.

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