Lord Sri Krishna Janmashtami (Birth of Bhagwan Sri Krishna)

Lord Sri Krishna was born on the ashtami tithi of krishna paksha in the nakshatra of Rohini. Janma means birth, krishna paksha means waning phase and ashtami means the 8th lunar day. It falls annually in the Shravana/Bhadrapada month of luni-solar calendar and in Aadi/Avani month in the solar calendar.


Devotees of Krishna around the world celebrate this by doing puja, fasting, singing Krishna Leelas, chanting of mantras, reciting the verses of Bhagavad Gita together, playing Dahi handi and more.

Tattva (Philosophy)

Sri Krishna, the most fascinating and mystical. He’s the Chandravanshi (Lunar dynasty, சந்திரவம்சம்), the soma, the nectar of all that is good and bad. His story is filled with everything you ever want. For mothers he’s a child, for women he's alluring, for Gokulites (people of Gokul) he's a butter thief, for asuras he's a mighty warrior, for a geek and historian he’s a subject, for a theorist he’s clever and cunning, for devotees he’s the supreme. He’s an endless entity in himself (the Universe) which we can’t estimate with our limited knowledge and understanding. Till date he didn't stop attracting the crowd behind him regardless of their difference of opinion in religion and politics. The more we read Krishna Leela the more we understand. 

This nature in fact gets reflected in Rohini natives. Their activities cannot be fathomed by anyone and even by themselves. The higher aspect of it is knowingly acting upon the will of the universe (manipulating others) and the lower aspect will be unknowingly acting (getting manipulated) by the same. That's why it's a fascinating nakshatra. 

Number 8 reflects the attitude of the universe, it is the vertical symbol of infinity. 8th house is where you get stripped out of all that you think of you. 8th house is nature itself, its Sri Krishna in Vishwaroop. The creation, preservation and destruction (nature) in its purest form. Your identity(ego), principles, lifestyle everything will be questioned there. This is shown in the natural zodiac belt. Rohini is in the natural 2nd house of Taurus, simple and fun loving aspect of Krishna and 8th house of Scorpio is direct opposite to it which is the mystical and alluring aspect of Krishna (Anuradha is in the heart of it). Universe is not all roses and sunshine, its beauty and the beast working together in coherence. Its where the most unexpected events occur. In material plane everything starts and ends in the 8th house. Scorpio is a sthira (fixed) sign, by being fixed it creates a tendency to change everything around it. Change is the actual nature of everything in the universe right. In my opinion "Bhagavad Gita" is all about the 8th house. When a soul gets beaten by the notion of happiness and sadness it understands that all are just an illusion. It starts accepting that there is only one thing called Universe's will. The will of Para Brahma. Then comes the ultimate happiness, one that isn't influenced by anyone but you.

That's Lord Sri Krishna​, the pure happiness. Jai Shri Krishna