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Jai Shri Ram


It’s an important day (5th of August, 2020) in Indian history. India is gonna build Ram Mandir (Temple) in Ayodhya after more than 500 years of hardwork to save the land of Ram Janma Bhumi (birth land of Ram) from foreign invasions. Finally the battle between muslims and hindus ended last year (2019) with a verdict from Supreme court that muslims have to return the land to hindus and in return they’ll get more land in another place from the government.


Our sages gave us Vedas, Agamas, Puranas and Itihasas. The sounds of Vedas will reduce the malefic effect of Kali Yuga. Why’s this. Because yugas are time cycles (ages). Out of 4 yugas kali yuga is the last one and malefic one, it means its hard to maintain dharma in this time cycle. Dharma is denoted by Bull, that’s why Lord Shiva has Bull as vaahan, meaning Shiva uses dharma as his vaahan. It is said that the dharmic Bull stands in 4 legs in Satya yuga, then stands in 3 legs in Treta yuga, 2 legs in Dwapara and 1 leg in Kali yuga. It means its completely out of balance now so its hard to maintain dharma. That’s why its called kali yuga as in dark age. Rishi Ved Vyas (son of our Jyotish Guru Sage Parashar) made Vedas into 4 parts (Rig, Sama, Yajur and Atharva) and further categorised into 1180 sagas for the sake of easy interpretation but only 8 sagas are with us now. Much of them are lost in history by foreign invasions. Agamas, the other Vedic literature contains the sutras (formulas) for temple construction, mantras, Pooja vidhis, tantra yogas and more. There are 28 Shaiva Agamas, 77 Shakta Agamas and 108 Vaishnava Agamas but we have only 2 or 3 left in Shiava Agamas (as mentioned by Kanchi Periyava) and I’m not sure about the rest. 18 Puranas are there but it’s hard to understand for a layman so finally we are left with 2 Itihasas i.e. Ramayan and Mahabharat. The more you read Ramayan the more dharmic you become.


“There is a story in Ramayan to denote this that once Raavan was sitting alone and frowned, his minister asked him why. Raavan said he couldn’t go near Ma Sita even after abducting her. His minister told him to change his appearance as Lord Ram and go near her. Raavan said I’ve 10 heads so I thought about it and even tried it already but didn’t work because after I used Ram’s appearance I couldn’t even think of anyone but my wife Mandodari. That’s the power of Ramayan.”


Ram Mandir in a monumental scale is important right now for the sake of humanity. It’ll once again make the devotees of Lord Ram to read his story “Ramayan”. 


Jai Shri Ram

Jai Sita Mata

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