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Astrology and Butterfly Effect


Astrology works on a basis of planetary time periods or even sign based time periods as in “Jaimini Astrology”, branch of Vedic Astrology. It can be planet or sign based but something is there to rule us for a specific time that’s important. The most beautiful part of this is the way it works. To understand this easily you need to understand the “Butterfly Effect”. It says that a simple flap of a butterfly's wing may cause a ripple in the air that causes chain reactions in the atmosphere, leading to even forming a hurricane in the ocean. Its how the Universe works and this is what astrology is. If an astrologer predicts that “you’ll become a successful person when your Sun dasha comes” doesn’t mean you can sit idle till the end of your previous dasha and suddenly when the Sun dasha hits, you’ll become a king, no. The transition can happen in a gradual way like evolution and it’ll make you work for it. For example, you may have done something two years before the Sun dasha starts which may gradually lead you to the point where you’ll become (in this case “a King”).

How often do you see a person rise to power overnight and stays there for a long time?

Every planet works in a congruence with each other. “Power comes with responsibility” like Uncle Ben says. This means that power of yours will come to your hands only when you have the capacity to handle it. And that capacity will not come overnight. Whatever you do today will become the structure of your future.

And this is what butterfly effect is. Life isn’t a coincidence. Just think if a single flap of a butterfly can cause a hurricane which can destroy plenty of lives, this means even that single unnoticed flap is extremely important. It is happening there at a finely crafted moment in a precisely calculated way so that a mass destruction may happen which may lead to massive changes on earth.

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